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Our Ingredient Promise



Sweet LeiLani is all about Lifestyle and your Health. We have fine tuned our Beauty focus to provide high quality skin care Cosmetics with ingredients in dosages backed by science. Our ingredients are pure, potent and health promoting. We focus on globally sourcing ingredients from suppliers that value sustainability.

Our formulators never compromise on safety, our quality control is second to none. Every time you purchase a Sweet LeiLani product you can be confident that you have purchased a safe product that has been thoroughly tested within our lab.

Sweet LeiLani Cosmetics has transformed and changed lives by formulating products that make a real difference in the health and vitality of the skin. We work close with our chemists on nutritional science to get the most out of natures fine ingredients to create products that treat and benefit the biology of the skin.

We also are part of a larger movement by meeting sustainability demands in the arena of environmental impact, labour practices and personal beliefs. Our packaging made of 100% post consumer ecological material, using vegetable ink creating Non-Toxic Beauty, eco-friendly packaging with a sustainable lifestyle for a better planet!!

Sweet LeiLani Cosmetics creates spirit of body/mind integrity, ethics and creativity in this Industry.

Doctor & Surgeon References

Dr. James Boyle – Plastic Surgeon 604.737.7492
• Volunteered at the kid’s Burn Camp in Squamish for14 years.
• Worked the out patient Burn Clinic with Dr. Boyle several times.
• Dr. Boyle referred patients for Corrective Camouflage Makeup

Lois Budd – BCPFF Burn/Trauma Unit/Camp Nurse 604.875.4111 Local 63377
• Volunteered with Lois at the kids’ burn Camp in Squamish for 16 years.
• Volunteered with programs involving “The Future is Mine” adult Burn survivor programs.

Ann Coombs – Program Director “Future is Mine” adult burn survivor programs 604.733.9014
• Volunteered for several activities and programs with the Burn Fund.
• Host of the adult Burn survivor day spa.
• Patients are referred by Ann for Wig Styling, corrective Camouflage Makeup and Skin Needling Treatments.

Joyce Ho – Occupational Therapist VGH Burn/Trauma/ Plastic Unit
• Trained Burn Unit therapists on Corrective Camouflage Makeup
• Joyce refers patients

Dr. Cameron Bowman – Plastic Surgeon 604.734.1416
• Dr. Bowman refers patients for Areola/Nipple Re-pigmentation Tattooing and Skin Needling.

Dr. Anthony Papp – Plastic Surgeon Burn/Trauma Unit 604-875-5866 Ext 5
• Refers burn patients for Camouflage Makeup/Skin Needling

Dr. Steven Brady – Plastic Surgeon 604-270-3313
• Refers for Areola/Nipple Re-Pigmentation, Skin Needling

Dr. Robyn Watts – Plastic Surgeon 604-273-1034
• Refers for Areola/Nipple Re-Pigmentation, Skin Needling

Dr. Marie Phribota – Dermatologists 604-931-5811
• Refers for Camouflage Makeup

Dr. Roberta Ongley – Dermatologist
• Refers for Camouflage Makeup

Dr. Zloty – Dermatologist 604-875-4888