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Corrective Makeup & Skincare


LeiLani is a Certified Paramedical Camouflage specialist and instructs clients in concealing challenging skin conditions. Also referred to as paramedical makeup, Skin Care Cover Foundation is used to conceal severe post surgical bruising, scarring, birthmarks, Rosacea, Eczema, acne, burns and tattoos. The opaque formula conceals all types of skin discolouration with ease and performs like a second skin that is so natural even male clients use it daily for facial scarring.


The pigments in the Skin Care Cover Foundation are based on actual skin tones, not typical cosmetic shades, this enables the client to be perfectly matched. Once applied and set with sweet LeiLani Finishing Powder it becomes waterproof.
Here are a few images showing before and after shots using Sweet LeiLani Skin Care Cover Foundation:



Since Skin Care Cover Foundation is utilized by the medical community on sensitive intolerant post-operative skin. Skin Care Cover Foundation is formulated to allow the skin to breathe while providing maximum coverage. The combination of natural ingredients including Green Tea, Grape Seed and Rose Hip extract, provide anti-inflammatory benefits, calming effects of inflamed skin and provides a non-chemical sunscreen.


Through innovative application techniques, Skin Care Cover Foundation and compassion, LeiLani has personally transformed the daily lives of women, men, and children. For Leilani, her motivation is to boost the self-esteem and confidence of those suffering silently from challenging skin conditions. Her unique approach to Skin Care Cover Foundation is recognized by medical professionals, the cosmetic industry, and most of all her clients.


In addition to camouflaging scarring, our Skin Care Cover Foundation can also be used to conceal unwanted tattoos. Rather than going through the painful process of laser removal, we’ll teach you how to use our waterproof concealer to mask the unwanted image.


Vegan full coverage concealer makeup
To aid in skin protection Sweet LeiLani SkinCare Cover is designed to help calm skin with anti-inflammatory properties and plant based enzymes to revitalize proteins, and increase oxygen to help all while helping to clear irritations and control redness.


Makeup that blends…..with your life!


• Improves skin health and reduces inflammation
• Provides potent environmental protection
• Increase skin oxygen
• Calming plant based enzymes
• Non-chemical sunscreen
• Waterproof
• Conceals any skin condition/hyper-pigmentation/melasma/sun damage
• Recognized by Plastic Surgeons/Dermatologists


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