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I recently bought Sweet Leilani Skin Care Cover foundation and I have fallen in love with it! I have always struggled with covering up the dark circles under my eyes and I have never been able to find something that matched my skin tone well. This is the first product that has actually worked for me and also lasts all day. I would definitely recommend it to anyone and I’m looking forward to trying more of the Sweet LeiLani products!

Your foundation and powders are by far the best I have ever used! I got trolled hard on FB by strangers because that’s how great my skin looks with it on. They said I looked photoshopped. But I’ll take that as a compliment 🙂 Love Love Love

Woah! Not surprising- your makeup offers the best coverage I’ve ever seen in a natural formula! Can’t wait to get my order and post some looks! Xo

This makeup is amazing!!! I have been the key makeup and hair artist for the Miss BC pageant for a long time, and LeiLani was generous enough to provide the makeup for this years pageant. The contestants absolutely love it, it applies beautifully and feels amazing on the skin! (We even had staff from previous years re-doing their makeup and using all Sweet LeiLani products!) I highly recommend this brand and will be purchasing more to use in my bridal kit! Thank you LeiLani!!!

I picked up the island goddess prep prime and powder product a few days ago while on vacation. I am simply blown away at how amazing this product is.. I’ve tried just about every foundation under the sun, ranging from powders, liquids, mineral etc..high end and low end. Nothing compares to this product, it gives a beautiful airbrushed finish, coverage is medium to primer or setting powder required and controls oil like nobody’s business! I’m always on the look out for more natural skin friendly makeup and this is perfect. Thank you sweet leilani cosmetics for making such a fantastic and affordable product. Will be purchasing again and again!

The BEST cleanser and moisturizer I’ve Ever used. Always sold out in the one store in the whole city these products are sold. Gentle, effective with eye makeup and smells AMAZING. I’m a lifer with these products

My sister and I just got some of the foundation, bronzer, and lip sticks in the mail and we are in LOVE! The coverage and the quality is top shelf! I LOVE that it is 100% natural and free of harmful chemicals. It’s silky smooth, lasts all day, and isn’t heavy at all! I have never had more flawless makeup. I am so glad I found a line that is Canadian owned, is safe and is super affordable. I will for sure be ordering more in the near future! Thanks so much Sweet LeiLani!!!

I’m thrilled because it’s local, I am double thrilled because it’s ethical and non toxic. I’ve tried the mascaras, foundation pots, liquid foundation, tinted moisturizer, lip stick, eye shadow duos, face powder, and the under eye no baggage serum. I have yet to be disappointed. I would recommend this company to ANYBODY. I have suggested it to several friends already and tempted them with the cute packaging. The only con is it’s difficult to find sometimes.

Having met LeiLani, I can honestly say this women is passionate and driven! What a beautiful soul to come across.   I went to Leilani cosmetics today feeling every bit of my 58 years, I told the ladies I need “HELP” and Brandi took me in to have a seat and a chat. She tried the moisturizer and tinted moisturizer on my face and from there we went on to blush and lipstick, I walked out of there a new person. I met with a friend for coffee right after and he asked if I had been to a spa, because I looked totally refreshed, Thank you Ladies, you made a huge difference in my self esteem!

Hello, I just recently started using your product after using expensive other products for years and want you to know I absolutely love it all!! Of course, being a lover of Hawaii makes the product even more appealing to me but I must say I love the natural, lightweightedness and colors of the line. I understand you will be at our Qualicum Beach Pharmasave soon and look forward to meeting you.

♥ Bev Black, Qualicum Beach

Hi LeiLani, Well, I went to the banquet on Saturday evening – this time with my Sweet LeiLani make up on. I bumped into Barbara, and she complimented me on my make up. I told her what it was. Also, many people commented on how good my face looked and, of course, I told them what I was wearing. It was a nice way to end the congress.

♥ Karen

Hello! Loveeeeeeeee your powder foundation, I have not worn foundation ever, I have only worn it once when I was like 15 but I couldn’t stand the feeling of it on my face. But I was shown your powder and tried it, I love it so much! The color sand seems to look good on me. Thanks so much! God Bless

Hi! Now this stuff must be some kind of fantastic as it’s not often that I write an email to someone regarding how wonderful their product is. I am 52 and don’t have the wonderful complexion that I did at one time in my life. And I have been looking for a mascara that didn’t leave my eyes burning after wearing it for a couple of hours. This past weekend my daughter got married in Merritt. And I happened into the Pharmasave there and was talking to the girls about my issue with mascara and they recommended that I try your product. So, I sat on a chair and one of the lovely ladies there did a full makeup trial for me. I wore it all day, even had a little nap with it on. The total look never changed and my eyes didn’t bother me at all. Needless to say I went back the next day and spent some $140 on your makeup. Then I came home and threw out all the rest of my existing stuff. Home for me is Williams Lake and just looking through your site at availability we have it here at our Save on Store. So yay!!!!!!! I just love your product and will be recommending it to all of my friends. Thank you very much. I can wear makeup again!

I have told everyone I know about Sweet LeiLani. I love the fact that your colors work for everyone, therefore; you don’t have to know what you’re doing when blending colors.

♥ Carol Bland

I feel very comfortable and radiant wearing sweet LeiLani makeup. I have never worn makeup before, and now at age 42 being introduced to such a soft natural line, I wear your makeup everyday.

♥ Tahirih

You definitely know your stuff, the products you have created reflect soft, romantic, innocent and natural.

♥ Ruth Wang

I am really pleased with all Sweet LeiLani products and I know Dr. Bartlett’s patients will agree. I know he will be sending you lots of referrals.

♥ Andrea

Your makeup is sooo beautiful, I feel like I’m wearing nothing. Even my husband, that doesn’t like makeup, tells me he loves the way I look when wearing Sweet LeiLani.

♥ Susan Mayo

I am so pleased with your products, they made my wedding perfect. I looked like a princess without looking made up. Sweet LeiLani cosmetics are so natural to wear and look at. I looked as fresh at midnight as I did when first applied in the morning. Thanks so much!

♥ Louise Evans

Just wanted to tell you that I absolutely love your products!!!! I recently had a dinner party with a tropical theme and as favors I gave all the women one of your lipsticks. They all raved about them. I love your packaging and the names to all your products.

♥ Sandy

Good day Sweet Leilani, I wouldn’t normally write an email to a cosmetic company about their products unless I thought it was worth writing about. I’m talking about the finishing powder, in the Sand shade for my light – medium skin tone. I use it on my bare, slightly ruddy cheeks and the coverage is superb! The powder is soooo smooth and velvety looking on the face. I LOVE this powder; theres nothing out there in the marketplace quite like it. Thank you Sweet Leilani.

♥ Susan Mainville, Comox BC

Hi there, I just wanted to thank you for the makeup class that you hosted last Thursday. I absolutely had a fabulous time learning about your products as well as learning a new way to apply makeup. It was greatly appreciated the work that you dedicated towards our group. I’ve actually had some compliments on the lipstick and eye shadow. Thank you for all you help!

♥ Michelle McDonald

Hi, I went to Watermania w/the kids yesterday & was wondering if the makeup would stay on. I sat in the steam room & was submerged in the pool a couple of times (I didn’t actually swim as I have a 5 y.o. & 4 y.o. I have to keep my eyes out for). Of course I didn’t rub my face after I was soaked. I was surprised that my face still looked great! Thank you for such a great product!

♥ Lani Wong, Summerville BC

This is what Dianne’s friend from back east had to say about “Sweet Leilani”. This should make your day!

“I can just hardly wait for our visit this fall. I mean I can’t HARDLY wait. Oh and by the way, this may be getting redundant but I have to say again how extremely happy I am with Sweet LeiLani! OMG I have never ever used a foundation like that in my life. My skin looks unbelievable and it feels to good putting it on in the morning, it glides on like silk and covers every imperfection. I can’t say enough, I’m blown away! I’m anxious to see all her products when I come out. Where do you buy yours from, Pharmasave? I want to check out her blushes and powder foundation and lipsticks, well everything I guess!”

♥ Dianne

To whom it concerns,

I just wanted to say thank you for your product. I was shopping at Save On in Mission looking for a concealer, and I was talking to my pharmacist and she recommended your skin care cover foundation. After 16 years, I finally found a product that covers my genetic dark circles without feeling thick and caked on. Thank you so much, I’m no longer feeling self conscience about my face.

♥ Joanne

Hi Leilani,

I was introduced to your make-up line approximately 6 months ago, and have found it to be the best make-up I have ever used. I never used foundation prior to this product because I always felt like I was wearing a mask. I have had various people tell me that I look so much younger (56) and now I am letting people know of your product. I am from the island and was relieved to know that I can get your products from the Ladysmith Pharmasave.

Thank-you so much!

♥ Dorothy Couch

I absolutely love this line of cosmetics! My skin is so sensitive so I’ve always spent tons of money on mineral makeup that wasn’t worth it, but ever since I started using Sweet LeiLani products I refuse to use anything else and I get compliments on my skin all the time. I tell all of my friends about the product and love that its safe for vegans!

♥ Rachael