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Join LeiLani and other fabulous speakers at this great conference. Here are the event details:

We’ve all met women who seem to have it all. Happy, generous with their gifts and skilled at self-care, they impact the world in an EPIC way! Here’s their secret:  these woman are living Frock-alicious Lives!

Join us in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia for Frock-alicious By Design – a one day program designed to get you started. Savor a day filled with inspiration. A variety of speakers will share with you frock-alicious tips and tools to put into place immediately.  And you won’t just be sitting back and listening.  This one-day program is highly interactive, and you will leave empowered and ready to make changes. Fueled with new ideas both for your business and personal life, you will be recharged with purpose and passion. For those of you who are well on your way to living a Frock-alicious Life or have previously attended A Frock-alicious Life is Calling, Frock-alicious by Design will give you an added boost for your new resolve. As with any change in behavior, you must immerse yourself and actively train, practice and apply new techniques and tools to ensure continued growth.  Living a Frock-alicious Life is not a sprint – it is a marathon and EPIC journey.

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