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Face The Future


“I have always known how makeup transforms us on the outside, however,
over the years I have come to realize how makeup transforms us on the inside.”
“It’s more than makeup – its therapy.”Sweet LeiLani Vegan Skincare Review


Burn FundThe paramedical use of tattooing and Camouflage makeup is a highly specialized field in which LeiLani is a nationally recognized expert. Clients are frequently referred to her by prominent Plastic Surgeons. She has 18 years behind her volunteering and working within the burn and Cancer community.


As a trained Paramedical Makeup Artist and a Scar-Re-Pigmentation Tattoo Specialist LeiLani is one of few in Canada. LeiLani has brought the necessary special skills to her “Face the Future Program”


As a volunteer with the BC Cancer Society, LeiLani recognized her makeup and specialized tattooing procedures could have another application helping people who were undergoing treatment to look and feel better.  It wasn’t long before she also began to use her products and procedures to help boost the self -esteem and confidence of burn survivors and others suffering silently from challenging skin conditions.


LeiLani works closely on a referral basis with the Vancouver Burn Unit, Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons.  Through her Face the Future program she volunteers her time and free of charge teaches clients how to cover mild to severe skin conditions using Corrective Camouflage Makeup techniques. Procedures such as Skin Needling are also offered where LeiLani can flatten, smooth and tattoo skin tone into scarring. For Cancer survivors she offers wig styling and Tattoos Areolas/Nipples.


Through the Company’s, Face the Future Program, Sweet LeiLani Cosmetics works with the Firefighters Burn Fund and is the sole sponsor for the Future is Mine Healing Support Circle and is the Host for their annual Adult Burn survivor Day Spa. For the past 16 summers, LeiLani and her team have been personally invited to the kid’s Burn Camp in Squamish, to volunteer their time for the end of camp celebration and dance.


Through innovative application techniques, specialized cosmetic products and procedures and compassion, LeiLani has transformed the lives of men and women. She is highly recognized by the World and Canadian Burn Congress.


For LeiLani, the motivating factor is to boost the self-esteem and confidence of those suffering silently from challenging skin conditions.