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Burn and Cancer Survivor Reviews





I am a burn survivor who had dealt with a lot of major itching problems with my scars and since using the foaming cleanser and moisturizer, I have felt a drastic improvement in regards to this issue- not only has that improved, but also the over all appearance has greatly improved as well – which is a major bonus I had not counted on – anyone looking for help. I say DO IT !! You have nothing to loose my friends – best thing I could have done for my quality of life as I had given up running and quadding and anything else that would trigger the holy hell of an itch- LeiLani you are like an angel I can not thank you enough for your time and generosity

♥ G.White

Now that my chemo and radiation are over I want to thank you for helping me through such a difficult time. One of the most important things for a woman is to look her best. Your makeup helped me look beautiful, and was gentle on my sensitive skin. Your makeup also came out on top at my Naturopath’s applied Kinesiology testing, while other brands did not. I am so pleased to have met you, and cannot express how much I love your products.

♥ G.White

My name is Karen and I am a burn survivor of 6 years. After being in a propane gas explosion in the interior of B.C., I was left with skin grafts and scars all over my face. Over the three years that I had to have surgery on my face and had to wear a pressure mask day and night, what I missed so badly was my anonymity. I stuck out a mile, and was often treated like I was part of a freak show. When LeiLani introduced me to her range of camouflage make up, my life changed completely. Not only could I go outside without people staring at me, but I actually looked quite attractive again. I wear it practically every day now, and now that I am so used to it, it only takes a few minutes to put on. I’ve tried other products for burn survivors, but this one is the best. It’s not greasy and shiny like others, and stays on all day.

♥ Karen