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Vegan Cosmetics and Vegan Skincare Collection that is Gluten-Free, Paraben-Free, Fragrance-Free and Cruelty-Free

About the Brand

Sweet LeiLani creating Non-Toxic Vegan CosmeticsWorking with Celebrities and Fashionistas, LeiLani knows what works on the big screen and everyday life. Sweet LeiLani Cosmetics brings a simplistic, uncomplicated, non-intimidating approach to Beauty.This fresh-faced Brand has innovative formulas for the multi-tasking women with fashion forward colours and earth friendly packaging.


Countless Skin Care and beauty products on the market simply beautify, but what if it could do more? What if there was a Skin Care Cosmetic line that could conceal medical conditions and skin imperfections?
What if these Cosmetics could aid in pre and post-operative care or compliment your surgical or Dermatological procedure. What if they could aid in health issues like Lupus and celiac disease, or tend to your ethical beliefs (Vegan). Sweet LeiLani Cosmetics can!


These products have been specially formulated to feed the skin with essential plant based nutrients. They are created as a solution for sensitive and challenging skin conditions or for those looking for better Beauty products. Our products provide anti-inflammatory benefits, and aid in calming the effects of Eczema, Rosacea, vascular damage or itchy inflamed skin.



Sweet LeiLani Cosmetics has carved out a niche Lifestyle Brand by fine tuning our Beauty focus in our market that offers Biology of the skin with formulas offering Skin Care in their Cosmetics.


• Vegan • Paraben Free • Gluten Free • Cruelty Free • Canadian


Sweet LeiLani Cosmetics creates spirit of body/mind integrity, ethics and creativity in this Industry. We also are part of a larger movement by meeting sustainability demands in the arena of environmental impact, labour practices and personal beliefs. Our packaging made of 100% post consumer ecological material, using vegetable ink. Sweet LeiLani Cosmetics creates Non-Toxic Beauty, eco-friendly packaging creating a sustainable lifestyle for a better planet!!


Sweet LeiLani Cosmetics are highly recognized in the Medical Community by Cancer/Burn/ Trauma Surgeons along with the celiac Community. With patients referred across the Province, LeiLani realized the need to make her products more commercially available. From a studio to retail outlets across Canada, LeiLani’s original concept still remains true. Commit to creating Skin Care Cosmetics that treats and benefits the skin.


Sweet LeiLani Cosmetics is committed to creating differentiating innovative formulas that feed and benefit the biology of the skin with plant based essential nutrients. Clean, green non-toxic Beauty that offers skin care in our Cosmetics to address all skin conditions.
Purely, Beautifully and naturally.


– A trustworthy name in health and beauty


Brand Story

Cruelty-Free Cosmetic Reviews


The foundation of Sweet LeiLani Cosmetic Lounge was built from a desire to help women, men and children who suffer silently from the effects of Cancer, Burns, and Scarring through the power of Makeup and Paramedical Tattooing procedures.


LeiLani, the founder of The Beauty Lounge and Sweet LeiLani Cosmetics, began her career in Film and T.V. in the 1990’s when the Corrective Makeup Industry was non-existent and the Industry focused on glamour. Utilizing her training as one of the few Cosmetic Designers, and Certified Paramedical Makeup and Tattoo Specialists in Canada, LeiLani sought out a way to help those who truly could benefit from her skills and knowledge.


Working from a spare bedroom in her home, LeiLani volunteered with the Cancer Society to cut and style wigs and educate with makeup how to cover and camouflage skin discolouration due to the side effects from undergoing cancer treatments. The makeup LeiLani used for Film and TV was to harsh for post operative skin, so LeiLani searched for gentle makeup infused with natural ingredients that would work on sensitive, postoperative skin but she could not find products to meet her needs.



This provided the inspiration for LeiLani to develop the revolutionary Sweet LeiLani Skin Care Cover Foundation. A product that masks and conceals post-operative bruising and scarring with ease and acts as a second skin that even men would wear daily. For LeiLani, the motivating factor was to boost the self-esteem and confidence of those under going treatment to look and feel better.


Equipped with her special skills in Cosmetic Design and utilizing the niche Skin Care Cover Foundation, LeiLani established “Face The Future” a program that works closely with the Vancouver Burn/Trauma Unit. Free of charge LeiLani teaches patients how to camouflage post surgical skin conditions, scarring, and burns and wig styling. LeiLani’s education continued with “Face The Future” and she became one of the few in Canada to become certified to perform life- changing transformations such as Scar-Relaxation, Skin and Facial Needling, Permanent Makeup Re-Pigmentation, Corrective Hair Simulation and Areola Re-Pigmentation. Referrals came from Plastic Surgeons, and Dermatologists across the Province.


Although medical conditions initially inspired the development of the Skin Care Cover Foundation, LeiLani recognized that skin conditions were not limited to extreme cases. For those suffering from milder conditions like rosacea, exema, acne and those looking for better beauty products, Sweet LeiLani expanded into a complete line of cosmetics that are infused with anti-inflammatory and calming properties that benefit and enhance the skin. With patients referred from across the Province, LeiLani realized her products needed to be more commercially available.


From a private studio to retail outlets across Canada Sweet LeiLani Cosmetics has expanded into a full line of Cosmetics that offer those with and without Skin conditions a better beauty product.
Sweet LeiLani cosmetics are recognized by the World Burn Congress, Cancer Wards and are known in the medical field as Skin Care Makeup.


LeiLani’s true passion remains helping those rediscover their inner and outer beauty so she transformed a warehouse to an uplifting space where patients and the general public could come experience a new type of spa.




Sweet LeiLani Cosmetics is continually inspired to formulate revolutionary products, perform leading edge paramedical procedures and provide educational services. Inspiration comes not only from how makeup and paramedical treatments transforms individuals on the outside, but how the transformations come from within and it changes the daily lives of men, women and children.


– Bringing together the balance of inner confidence and outer beauty.


Meet The Artist


LeiLani, Founder and Creative Director is the driving force behind the Sweet LeiLani Brand. LeiLani takes a hands on approach in leading all aspects of product development, design and marketing.


With 30 years in the Cosmetic Industry, LeiLani wasn’t content to just be a Hair/Makeup Designer for Film/T.V.
Wanting to utilize her training as one of few Cosmetic Designers, and Certified Paramedical Makeup and Tattoo specialists in Canada.


“Face The Future” was established; a volunteer program where LeiLani equipped with her special skills and passion teaches Burn/Trauma and Cancer patient’s leading edge Corrective Makeup procedures free of charge.
This provided inspiration for her first entrepreneurial venture, where a revolutionary Skin Care Cover Foundation was developed.


With the foundation of her business established and a strong reputation within the Medical Community, LeiLani was working closely with the Burn/Trauma Unit. She is not only highly recognized for her volunteer work, but more importantly for boosting the self-esteem and confidence of those suffering silently from challenging skin conditions.


“Face The Future” now includes life changing transformations such as Scar-Relaxation, Skin needling and Areola Re-Pigmentation.


Although medical conditions initially inspired the development of her Skin Care Cover Foundation, she soon realized that skin conditions were not limited to the extreme.With patients referred from across the Province LeiLani expanded into a full line of Cosmetics that are now commercially available.


Dedicated to empowering women LeiLani has been awarded The Women of Excellence, The remarkable Women and recognized twice for The YWCA Women of Distinction.Although LeiLani’s true passion is her specialized work as a Paramedical Corrective Makeup Specialist. LeiLani continues teaching the fundamentals of beauty at their Flag Ship Store in Langley B.C. Sweet LeiLani Cosmetics Beauty Lounge.


LeiLani’s passion, creativity, and innovation for Cosmetics combined with the desire to fill a need in the everyday women’s life for simple effective makeup, keeps her in demand for her knowledge in the industry.Her knack for bringing out the inner beauty in her clients is the core of her Brand.


“Our paths may not cross often as they once did, but you’ve made a lasting impression on me and my life, and I am always honoured to be a part of your team of professionals and hopefully your circle of friends. As my first mentor in the world of professional cosmetics, you set the standard for me and I’m still striving to meet or exceed it. Thank you for everything!! XOXO Sheena”