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Beauty Headquarters


“I have seen dramatic results on many of our clients who have suffered for years from Eczema, Rosacea, and other skin issues…they say the effects of our products are life changing.”Sweet LeiLani Vegan Cosmetics Signature


Founded in 2009, The Flag Ship Beauty Lounge is an Urban Beauty boutique with a twist where LeiLani’s own personality and spirit shine through. A funky, fun makeup venue where a team of Makeup Designers are always on hand for a makeover, or private hands on beauty class.
LeiLani’s passion for cosmetics combined with her desire to fill a need in the everyday women’s life for simple effective makeup, keeps her in demand for her knowledge in the industry. Her knack for bringing out the inner beauty in her clients is the core of her brand.

85% of our population suffers from a challenging skin condition such as Acne,
Rosacea, Eczema or health issues from Cancer, Lupous and Celiac disease.


Sweet LeiLani's Vegan Beauty Headquarters


We invite you to drop by the boutique for a complimentary makeup consultation at our beauty bar – no appointment necessary.


When well applied, good makeup can transform your appearance and self confidence at a time when you may be feeling self-conscious or unsure of your looks. LeiLani will help you understand how to apply makeup to emphasize your best features and create an age-appropriate look that is uniquely you.
That’s right, this is one class you won’t want to miss! Learn self acceptance and the features that make you special and unique. It’s a fun time of girl talk on current styles and fashions as well as the latest and greatest makeup tricks and you will take home a free gift.


Sweet LeiLani's Clean Natural Beauty Vegan Cosmetic MakeoversSweet LeiLani's Clean Natural Beauty Vegan Cosmetic MakeoversSweet LeiLani's Clean Natural Beauty Vegan Cosmetic Makeovers